Registration Form

I hereby declare that I have read and I accept the following terms and conditions:

1. For the trail "LESVOSTRAIL", men and women over 18 years old can participate. For the trail LESVOSRUNNING, athletes from 15 to 18 years can participate with a signed declaration form from the parents, the all participate according to the regulations. For the trail LESVOSWALK men and women and minors accompanied with their parents can participate. All minor athletes participate according to the regulations with their parent’s signed declaration form. 
2. Enrolment forms with false information and intention to deceive the organizers will be rejected. 
3. The athletes are liable for their participation in the race, their health and safety issues and they declare to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the sport event LESVOSTRAIL 2016. 
4. In particular, athletes accept the rules regarding the liability disclaimer mentioned in point 30. Furthermore, they guarantee that their health conditions permit them to participate in the race, and they have recently had a checkup.   
5. Τhe participation fees are set according to the chosen race and are paid with a money transfer (wire transfer, e banking), credit or debit card, within the deadlines set by the regulations.
6. The organizers contact the participants via e mail or phone, therefore it is advisable to take extra care when filling in the relevant information.

Read the regulation. By selection the "Register" button you accept  the terms and conditions of the race

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